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[25 May, 2017] Indonesia: Twin suicide bombing in Jakarta kills five police officers; initial reports indicate involvement of ISIS allied group (link)

Special Report: Existent Terrorism in Indonesia and the Opportunities for the Growth of Radical Islam and ISIS [30 September, 2016]
ISIS essentially looks upon Indonesia as a springboard or platform for ideological expansion into Southeast Asia to grow their global Caliphate aspirations. If the Philippines represent the potential ‘operational hub’ for radical Islamic fundamentalism in Southeast Asia, then Indonesia represents the potential ‘ideological incubator’ for the region. Click below to see our in-depth report on the immediate and medium to long-term risks faced by Indonesia from this radical fundamentalism.


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Special Report: Malaysia Terrorism Risk Review – September, 2017 (link)


Phill Hynes discusses with Frontera News its article on ISS Risk’s Special Report – “Syria to Malaysia: tentacles of terror are spreading” [11 April, 2016]
Despite having Asia’s second-largest Muslim population, Malaysia’s contribution to Islamic State has gone largely unnoticed. That may be about to change – with potentially dire implications for the country’s tourism-driven economy.


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Special Report – “How real is the threat of ISIS in Malaysia?” [29 March, 2016]
The current security assessment being presented by the Malaysian government, tourist agencies, and foreign advisory committees are often conflicting and confusing, leading to a misunderstanding of the true situation being faced by the country. This report seeks to fill the informational gap that has been left by the competing interests by directly assessing the development and expansion of terrorism in Malaysia over the past 24 months. 


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[14 August, 2017] Philippines: Seeing Red – Duterte’s failure of policy on NPA seeding long term conflict (link)

[9 July, 2017] Philippines: Marawi SITREP (link)

[21 June, 2017] Philippines: BIFF militants attack Pigcawayan town in North Cotabato (link)

[24 May, 2017] Philippines: SITREP on complex militant attack in Marawi City of Mindanao (link)

[24 May, 2017] Philippines: Clashes ongoing as ISIS affiliate raise the group’s black flag in Marawi City of Lanao del Sur (link)

[12 April, 2017] Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Group’s kidnapping cell intercepted in Bohol; highlights the group’s intent to target foreign tourists in the region (link)

[6th of June, 2017] Philippines: UPDATE on complex militant attack in Marawi City, Mindanao (link)

ISS Risk Special Report – “Emergent ISIS in the Philippines” [May, 2016]
While the world focuses on Syria and Iraq, the menace of Islamic State is quietly expanding into Southeast Asia. Eight thousand miles from the Middle East frontline, the Philippines has become the region’s main transit hub for Jihadists traveling to Syria, complete with a network of terror training camps. Contrasting against strong-armed efforts in Malaysia and Indonesia, the Filipino government – preferring to label terrorists as ‘criminal gangs’ or ‘bandits’ – has appeared weak. Until now, that is. Enter the new president: Rodrigo Duterte.


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[17 August, 2017] Thailand: Multi-facetted attack in Southern Thailand – an analysis (link)

Phill Hynes assesses the Security implications of the southern Thai insurgent group the BRN’s admission of responsibility, its verification, and the growing influence of Malaysian radicals on the wider insurgency, on APAC Risk Assistance Radio’s webcast [14 September , 2016]



Special Report – Thailand Coordinated Bombings, 10-12 August, 2016: An Escalation of the Southern Thai Insurgency [15 August, 2016]
This is the first real push out into the country proper that the Southern insurgents have executed. It is the largest coordinated spate of attacks outside the southern provinces in the history of the insurgency. It should be read as such and understood within the context of the message. The potential for growing political and security instability to spread further across the country is here and has just been highlighted to a broad audience in a very visible manner. The military government’s response will determine to what extent additional messages will be delivered.


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Special Report – Initial Assessment: Multiple Terror Bombings across Thailand, 11/12 August” [12 August, 2016]
An Initial Assessment of the multiple terror bombing attacks across Thailand as at Friday 12 August midday. Further updates are to follow, as the situation remains fluid and developments ongoing.


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Special Report Series – “Erawan Shrine Bombing, Bangkok” [August, 2015]
ISS Risk was on the ground in Bangkok at the site of the Erawan Shrine bombing within 30 minutes of the blast. Our initial preliminary assessments in the following days of the blast wholly and successfully predicted the current trending evidence. We have remained at the forefront of analysis of the unfolding evidence and attached is our first comprehensive report based on our analysis to date. A series of updated assessments are available.

→ ANALYSIS OF BANGKOK SHRINE BOMBING (updated 4 September, 2015)

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