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Political Risk Reporting and Market Intelligence

A trusted market analysis network for smarter expansion.

The 2nd decade of the 21st century has brought with it a slew of new threats and concerns. These tense times introduce both opportunities and challenges, and ISS Risk has the expertise to help your business assess these trends across Northeast, South and Southeast Asia. Our well-established networks and on-the-ground overviews offer critical political risk assessments in frontier, emerging and developing countries throughout Asia.

Political risk reporting to clients aiming to expand into frontier, emerging, and select developing markets, such as Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, is what we do best. ISS Risk advisors, with their years of experience, provide clients with objective, accurate and predictive analysis of political risks and quasi-legal, legislative, governmental and regulatory developments in a timely manner.

Our political risk analysis determines the positive and negative impacts of external factors on your business. Our work relies on the proven expertise of our seasoned legal, regulatory and political analysts. These high-level professionals work towards the most accurate political risk reporting for individual countries and regions important to your business, and partner with our clients to reduce political and regulatory risks.

ISS Risk defines political risk assessments as predictive strategic tools to help clients elevate their business in uncertain and unstable environments. We have arranged our resources to be able to inform companies of the specific action they should take in the event of a given risk. The genesis of a business should be accompanied by risk assessments, so that adverse and unforeseen circumstances can be prevented with efficacy. We have an extensive network of mid-to-high level contacts in frontier and developing countries in Asia, enabling us to analyse situations from the inside. We observe and assess vulnerable areas of operations applicable to your business. We provide detailed employee safety process reviews, and are adept at reviewing the on-site protocols at client locations and determining best practices for a balanced approach between cost and safety.

In the realm of predictive business analysis, ISS Risk specializes in due diligence, investigations and assessment with unmatched clarity. We accomplish our goals and projects with unsurpassed in-country expertise, via customized intelligent methodologies.

We are proud to deliver tailored solutions while tackling the diverse challenges faced by companies.

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