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Enhanced Due Diligence

Informed investigations to satisfy every party.

Before you sign a contract, select a vendor, or acquire assets, you need to make sure you have all the information you need. ISS Risk conducts generic and enhanced due diligence investigations in Frontier, Emerging and selected Developing Markets. Our highly developed partnerships and exclusive relationships with well-placed high profile political, security, business and economic leaders give us access to the wide range of information needed to create complete detailed and specific investigations and reports.

When you received an enhanced due diligence investigation from ISS Risk we’ll collect everything from key details about prospective business partners to potentially fraudulent business histories and more. It is our goal to provide both factual and more contextual, nuanced information that can help you strengthen a negotiation, reveal risks, or highlight a conflict of interest.

In short, if it affects your business we think you should know about it. Get in touch today.