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About Us

ISS Risk is an Asian-based consultancy and risk analysis company with a highly qualified and experienced team and an extensive on-the-ground presence.

ISS Risk is a bespoke independent Frontier, Emerging, and selected Developing Markets political risk research, due diligence, and business solutions consulting company. ISS Risk has formed a highly qualified and experienced team with an extensive network of organic connections committed to providing clients with comprehensive, high-end quality information, analysis, and advisory services. ISS Risk specializes in the North East Asia region (China, Mongolia, DPRK, and South Korea); South Asia region (Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh); Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan) and South East Asia region (Thailand and Philippines). ISS Risk has its headquarters based in Hong Kong with representation in DPRK, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Shanghai and Beijing.

  • Analysis-Based Precautionary Solutions
  • Leaders in Risk Analysis, Mitigation and Response
  • Frontier, Emerging and Selected Developing Market Specialists
  • Proactive Partners for Market Entry Strategies, Business Solutions, and Mergers and Acquisitions

Our clients range from family enterprises to large multi-national corporations seeking to expand into these unique specialist markets. Existing global conglomerates, energy and mining companies, hedge funds, asset managers and private equity investors operating in these markets often seek our assistance to formulate risk strategies and contingency plans to counter operational challenges or to simply to gain a deeper insight into the changing socio-political, economic policy and regulatory risks associated with these unique markets.

ISS Risk fundamentally believes that our specialist markets, in particular DPRK, Mongolia and Myanmar, represent the world’s last remaining frontier capital markets, markets that are rapidly becoming synchronized into the global economic landscape. ISS Risk is dedicated to remaining the most relevant global leaders operating in these markets and has invested considerable time and resources to establish deep influential connectivity and local networks in all political, social and economic sectors. No other provider has the depth of knowledge, established relationships, connectivity and reach that ISS Risk has in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). ISS Risk can support and partner with clients operating or wishing to expand into this country across a broad range of services that no competitor can match.

To understand and penetrate these markets successfully, foreign corporations require timely, accurate, and detailed data and expertise from people with on-the-ground experience and contacts. ISS has established a strong depth of local knowledge and a thorough understanding of the complex social, political, and business environments within these specialist markets and we are well positioned to provide our clients with practical fact-based solutions and partnering opportunities.

Why Us?

ISS Risk is particularly focused on the most unique and complex Frontier, Emerging, and selected Developing Markets of our time. With over 20 years operating within these markets, ISS Advisors have established a unique and unparalleled network of relationships and data sources that will help its clients stay ahead of the information and analytic curve by providing continuous in-depth risk analysis, spot updates and research.

ISS Risk fills a growing need to:

Focus on Frontier, Emerging and Selected Developing Markets: There is a global shift by many multinationals into the region and an ever expanding interest in these markets.

Close the Information Gap: The decade-long shift in the structural regulatory, political and socio-economic uncertainty in most of these countries has opened up a large asymmetric information gap which needs to be bridged.

Provide Continuous Regulatory Risk Assessments of Political and Socio-Economic Change: Increased interest within the region by many multinationals and foreign governments has raised the demand for continuous assessments of their political, economic and social developments.

Act as an Interlocutor: The rapid change, democratization and diffusion of governmental regulatory powers produces mixed signals to foreign investors creating a need for expert interlocutors and ISS is well position to facilitate and provide our clients with the required high-level expertise and access to local partners.