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Political Risk Analysis and Research
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ISS Risk is an Asian-based consultancy and risk analysis company with a highly qualified and experienced team and an extensive on-the-ground presence.

ISS Risk takes pride in being one of the leading risk assessment and management companies in Asia, providing top-of-the-line intelligence and security services to Fortune 1000 companies. Our team of qualified specialists, including former military officers as well as insurance and banking analysts, have significant experience under their belts, demonstrating our hands-on real-world approach and extensive on-the-ground presence.

At ISS Risk, we support you by providing political risk research, due diligence, and business solutions consulting. We perform detailed risk analysis of independent frontier, emerging, and selected developing markets. ISS Risk has a talented and experienced team and an extensive network of data sources in markets where relationships and knowledge of local customs and society are indispensable for business success. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, high-level and predictive regional analysis services.

ISS Risk identifies what is at risk in the various regions we cover. Each country and region of Asia offers unique challenges and barriers to foreign businesses. When our risk assessment services determine what needs protecting, we classify the assets according to their vulnerability. The specific assets that need to be protected may include employees, senior personnel, proprietary data, money, goods and infrastructure, among others. We also quantify risk types and the criticality of each potential risk event. We believe that properly determining risks are crucial to developing cost-justified predictive and protective measures for companies.

ISS Risk specializes in Northeast Asia (China, Mongolia, DPRK, and South Korea); South Asia (Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh); Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan) and Southeast Asia (Thailand and the Philippines).

ISS Risk is headquartered in Hong Kong, with representation in the DPRK, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and China.